Guide: Using the SYL Instagram Shop

Getting Started

The Instagram Shop is a great way to simply make Instagram shoppable! Because Instagram does not allow you to have your images linked directly in your feed, we create a separate ShopYourLikes page with whatever posts you want to include in it. This makes it easy for your followers to shop your feed directly without having to blow up your DMs or comments with questions about "Where can I buy that?".

Setting Up Your Shoppable Instagram Feed

Start by making sure you have connected your Instagram account to ShopYourLikes. You can access the Instagram Shop by visiting Once that is done and you can see your feed and can start tagging products:

Before clicking on the button to connect your Instagram account make sure that you are logged into the Instagram account that you want to have linked to ShopYourLikes. A lot of people have different accounts for their personal profile and their "business" accounts. Make sure if you go to that you are logged into the correct one.

Tagging Posts

Setting up the Instagram Shop requires you to "tag" your posts with links to the products that you are promoting. The process is simple:

  1. Click on one of your posts. Posts you have already added links to will have an arrow in the top right corner. Only posts with links will show up on your live ShopYourLikes page.
  2. Click on the products that you want to tag and add the titles and links. You do not need to convert the links, just grab the links directly from the retailer site and paste it into the field 
  3. When you are done tagging the image, click “Save Links”
  4. Once you have all the images tagged that you want, you can see what your page will look like by visiting your public URL which for this demo account is


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