Updates To Explore Feature

Today we released some important changes to the "Explore" tool.

We have replaced our "Top Monetizing" section with our new "Top Selling" category. This is directly connected to a larger initiative to help our users stay on brand and drive more sales. We have been working hard to make sure that we can keep both our growing user base happy while maintaining strong relationships with our retailer partners. This requires ShopYourLikes to put a larger focus on driving sales through our platform.

The more you increase sales for retailers, the more we can pay you for every click/swipe.

With all of that in mind we are introducing our new "Top Selling" category. This section of the "Explore" tool highlights products that people are not only actively clicking/swiping on but are also directly purchasing. These top selling links should help you get a feel for what is working for some of our other partners and hopefully point you in the right direction for your next post.

We understand that for some of our users the "Top Monetizing" section was a go-to for products to post, but we were seeing users sacrifice the quality of posts to highlight a product with higher potential earnings. A lot of times the posts would have products that did not engage their audience. We want you to maximize your potential earnings but understand that the best way to do it is to post products that fit for your audience.

All of us here at ShopYourLikes are excited to see the type of impact that this might have for our users and hope that you will find it useful as you continue to grow with us. As always, we will continue to grow and add new features, so make sure to stay-tuned for future updates and releases!

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