Comprehensive Onboarding Guide

Welcome to the ShopYourLikes! We're excited to have you as part of our program.

So how do you get started? Where to begin?

Here's a comprehensive guide on everything you'll need to know to get started.

Account Setup

Once you login, you'll want to make sure all your account information is accurate and your payment information has been captured.First few steps:

  1. Visit the Manage Account page
  2. Double check your account information
  3. Input a paypal email address
  4. Provide a signature

Basic Account Information

You can review your basic account information at any time by visiting the Manage Account page.At the top of the page will be a section called "My Account" with your basic information:

  • Your Name - This is your full name.
  • Email - This is your main contact email address.
  • Referral Code - This is your personal referral code for sharing with users you'd like to introduce to the program.

Make sure all your basic account information is accurate. If you see anything that is incorrect, please contact us and we'll get things sorted out.

In this section, you can also do the following:

  • Change Password - Update your account password.
  • Delete Account - Remove yourself from the program.

Payment Information

Immediately below "My Account" is your payment information.Since you've just started in the program, you will need to fill out this information:

  • Paypal Email Address - Your paypal address where payments should be sent.
  • Signature - Your signature for approving payments. For the signature put your first and last name that is associated with the PayPal account.

We will also need a filled out W-9 IRS tax form on file for your account before any payments are issued. You will be contacted separately regarding the W-9 form.

Program Overview

ShopYourLikes is a monetization platform for Instagram Influencers.

Here's how it works:

  1. You use ShopYourLikes tools to create an affiliate link or Instagram Shop
  2. Your followers click on the links your promote
  3. You earn money based on the amount of clicks you send to ShopYourLikes retailers

That's it!

We have a few other rules regarding quality (we expect that some portion of the clicks sent to retailers result in sales) and misleading content, but in general as long as you are producing good content that's related to our retailer partners, we're happy to partner with you. We treat everyone in the program as a partner and we'll work with you to achieve success.

Tools & Tool Preferences

New accounts start off with a few tools enabled by default:

  • Link Generator
  • Instagram Shop
  • Search
  • Explore

For now you likely won't need to change any thing here. But if you'd like to enable or disable tools in the future, you'll do it here.

Here's what each tool does.

Link Generator

A quick way to convert any retailer link into a ShopYourLikes link.

The Link Generator tool is one of our easiest tools to get started with. Learn more about the Link Generator and how to use it here:

Instagram Shop

Swap your Instagram bio link for a shoppable Instagram profile page.


Use keywords to find interesting products to highlight on your Instagram account.


Browse and discover the latest retailer brands and products in our program.

Chrome Extension

Browser based extension that makes creating links as simple as clicking a button.

Active Retailers

Before you start using ShopYourLikes tools, you'll need to know what Retailers we are working with. We only pay you for traffic sent to these Retailers.

You can see which Retailers are active in our network by visiting the Active Merchants page:

Dashboard & Reporting

Reporting is available on your Dashboard.

Here you'll get access to redirects, earnings and additional details.

We refer to "clicks" as "redirects" in our reporting.


Get a quick read into your most important metrics:

  • Total Earnings
  • Total Redirects
  • Last X Days Earnings
  • Last X Days Redirects


Take a look additional details with the Analytics feature.

  • Traffic Breakdown by Retailer
  • Traffic Breakdown by Category
  • Daily Redirects
  • Daily Earnings

Influencer Breakdown

See how your links are performing.

  • Top Sales
  • Top Redirects

Getting Help

Vist our help center or feel free to hit us up on livechat anytime.

Help Center

Visit our help center for guides, best practices, and general answers to most topics.

Live Chat

If you need immediate help or can't find the answer to your question, feel free to use our live chat feature located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

We're available during business hours (PST) every weekday. When we're not around to jump on and chat, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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